Being in love isn’t the most beautiful part. It’s the little things that lead to the falling. The laughter shared amongst two people, the similarities and the differences they share, the way he chews his gum, the way she holds her pillow close to her chest while watching a sappy movie, the way she snorts, and the way he smiles at her when he thinks she’s not looking. The way he huffs when she wants his attention, and the way she slams her mug down on the counter when she’s being impatient.The way she says she’s full but when they go home after dinner she asks him to cook her some eggs with toast at midnight, the way he hugs her without letting go until he gets a fair share of her heartbeats against his. The way they share smiles across the dinner table full of family members, the way he plays with her younger sister and wears a pink crown to get her approval, the way she leaves a soft scent on the pillow, and the way they both look at each other with love oozing out from their lips, their eyes, and their souls. It’s the collection of these little droplet sized things that make falling in love beautiful.
Heart’s Confessions (via sincerelynargis)